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Jennifer Hatfield, Paris

25 ans
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Langue maternelle : Anglais
Garde d'enfant proposée : Dépannage, soirées, WE, événements ponctuels, Garde à temps plein, Garde temps partiel


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Bilingual (Native English and Fluent French), creative, compassionate, and highly dependable nanny who has 5 years of experience caring for children from 3 months to 10 years old. Flexible caregiver who can handle unexpected changes in schedule or situations with ease, grace, and confidence. Dedicated to helping to shape children into confident, intelligent, and happy people who will carry those traits on into adulthood.

Skilled educator who uses creative and personalized methods and has experience in teaching and tutoring children in preschool, elementary school, and middle school. -Excellent communication and comprehension skills that include verbal and written communication in English and French. -Socially perceptive and able to determine whether children and adults alike are having a rough time or otherwise uncomfortable in a situation, even if they do not verbally say so. -Quality decision maker who can quickly weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the options available in a situation and make the choice that is best for the children.

I really enjoy spending time reading (in cafés or libraries) on many different subjects (including childcare development), doing exercise and singing in open mic nights. I am also currently taking the TEFL course in order to improve my bilingualism and to be able to teach children English on a better level. I love taking children on days out to the park, museum, zoo, aquarium and doing lots of activities with them, such as arts and crafts, or music and dancing. A near-future project of mine is to complete Montessori studies for the 4 age groups.

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