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Gin Nam Ribeiro 91940

22 ans
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Langue maternelle : Anglais
Garde d'enfant proposée : Dépannage, soirées, WE, événements ponctuels, Garde à temps plein, Garde temps partiel


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In the past years, I have been taking care of young people in a Youth Program for education in leadership skills. In fact, I wanted to invest more in my education and in my language skills. Then, I decided to come to France to learn the language and get involved by the culture. Looking for a job, I wanted to connect my English and Portuguese skill with my passion for kids. I realized that teaching English would be a great opportunity to be connected by heart with the french people.

I'm really comfortable being with kids and organizing activities where they can practice what they have learned. Where they can express themselves in the new language. It's my first time babysitting as a job, but I had always done it as a hobby or in service projects whether than taking care of my family, cousins, siblings, or relatives.

I'm a very extroverted person and usually, I go along well with kids. I have my material for teaching kids.

May though I still have to learn more about the French language, I can learn fast and I understand quite well.

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